A Year for Adventures

A Year for Adventures

I remember at the start of the new year I decided This was the year for adventures. I just finished reading Dan Millman’s book The Peaceful Warrior for the second time, and was inspired to have my own journey.  My initial inspiration has manifested into 6 months of traveling and exploring. I spent time in Canada, Seattle, Portland, Grass Valley, and a road trip to New Orleans. I met lots of people along the way supporting my journey and spent quality time reconnecting with friends and family.


Go with the Flow


By not having any expectations for the trip lead me to some of the most amazing experiences. It seems like each time I wasn’t sure where to go, or when I should return home. I would meet someone that inspired me to check out here or go there. I am learning what is like to just let go of control and keep my options open to each opportunity that comes my way. I remember sitting in the hostel in Canada, I just booked my flight back to SF. When I got the urge to explore the possibility of visiting Seattle and then Portland to see my brother and his family. I had no plans yet but it just felt like an exciting thing to do. I posted on Social Media if anyone would host me, and a friend openly offered space to crash on his floor. It was a really great week training together and connecting with his roommates. If I didn’t trust my instinct I would have missed out on the opportunity to connect and the experiences to follow. One of the highlights of the visit was to forage for nettles and then make Nettle pesto together.


Sometimes the best things happen when you just let go of control and let the wind take you. This new way of living is something very new to me.


Dont be scared of what scares you.


As I wrap up my travels and head home to Mexico I am very thankful for my experiences and the people I met along the way. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is say “yes!” because you are scared of what lies ahead. It is amazing what happens when you learn to trust yourself that everything is going to work out ok. I don’t want to be stopped by thinking about what if? Then talk myself out of it because I am scared to. I want to fully experience it for myself, even if it scares me.

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