Finding the balance

Finding the balance

There has been a paradigm shift in my life lately. Something that has changed the way I look at training and how I live my life. Have fun, or train; for some reason I always felt like I had to have one or the other. Don’t get me wrong -I’m not saying I looked for ways to make training fun. Quite frankly, I thoroughly enjoy it. However, the thought of traveling or going on an awesome retreat would sometimes get put on the back burner because I felt the level of my training would significantly decrease if I took too much “time off”.

I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a balance

…and I want to share this experience with you!

In the past I used to train 6-8 hours a day working on new skills and movements, focusing on my programs, and obsessing over what new, advanced skill I could acquire, and how many weeks of training it would take to achieve it. I no longer train that much, I have learned there is way more to life then to be stuck in a gym training with that mindset. Nowadays I still get my training in but its much more balanced. Ever since moving to a foreign country, I have realized training all day every day is not an option for me. It’s just too hot and humid here. Because of this, I have learned to schedule my workouts accordingly: I get up with the sun, do my first workout in the morning, then after it starts to cool off I do my second session before dinner. I am not married a schedule. If the waves are good, then I will get up and go surfing for a bit. Then I will do my session later. Or, If I get invited to go fishing or go for a hike, I will opt to do that. The goal is to live in the moment and be open to new experiences, all the while not having to sacrifice my training and skill development. I am really enjoying the freedom of my new schedule. Learning to find the balance of training and exploring new opportunities is something I want to share with everyone.

I am a big believer in investing in experiences.

In the short time I have been here I have met some amazing people. One thing I’ve always wanted to do was to travel and dive deep into the culture. There are plenty of retreats available where it’s all about the training and less about the experience and lifestyle. There are also some great adventure retreats that focus on traveling and going off the beaten path, but miss out on the training and physical fitness aspect. After thinking about my two passions and seeing how I’ve been able to successfully blend the two together, I decided, “why not create an experience for people to enjoy?” I am putting together a Movement Experience here in Sayulita, Mexico. During this play-cation I will share with you my knowledge of movement and training, teaching you skills and movements that you want to develop and practice.

This retreat isn’t going to be about training 8 hours everyday.

I want you to have an experience, get a taste of what this beautiful beachside town has to offer. We will be fully immersed in the local culture, lifestyle, and adventures in Sayulita. Each day will include a training session at a local gym. I plan on covering movement, locomotion, gymnastics conditioning, handstands, ring work, innovative mobility techniques and much more. We will also have a coach available to assist anyone that is currently working with Olympic weight lifting, or highly technical lifts. My goal is to make sure all modalities of physical fitness are available and covered for all athletic abilities.

I’m fully aware that we all have lives to lead and some people may have obligations, which is why I’m offering this experience as a weekend getaway from Friday-Sunday. For those who are ready to dive in deep and wish for a longer stay and a more intensive one on one training with me, there is also an option to stay with us for a full week. This will also give you an opportunity to learn more about the town and experience more of what Sayulita has to offer. One thing I know for sure is that you will walk away from this experience with new tools in your toolbox to take your training to the next level. I guarantee you will be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from your time here with us.

This experience is open to all athletic abilities and backgrounds. As a coach and personal trainer, my goal is to work with everyone’s individual needs. If any of this excites you and you’d like more information be sure to check out the information here, or personally email me at I can’t wait to share with you this awesome adventure!

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    Love this concept and i don’t really have the words to articulate my thoughts on just how good this would be. Wishing you the best and please keep on doing what you do. Sincere Regards – T

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