Releasing Tension is just one Breathe away.



Stress effects our bodies and minds from many influences.


This post is about my experience with the program TRT.


The more negative stress we are exposed to the more our body tends to hold on to and carry with us.  Stress can be felt symptomatically from tight muscles, or bottled up emotions.


The challenge is not to let the stress accumulate in our body.


Many people may just correlate the stress and tightness with aging or the stress of life. That doesn’t have to be the case if we only knew how to release tension and stress that has accumulated in our bodies.

The answer lies in learning how to breathe properly. Shallow breathing is very common that most people are un aware of.


I already know how to breathe!


When our breath is shallow it hinders our bodies ability to exchange oxygen with carbon dioxide. Which can contribute to the bloodstream being acidic. An acidic can zap our energy and create tightness and pain in our body. Check out this post for a more in depth article on how to get more energy from your breathing.


How can I breathe and move better?


My good friend and colleague Benny Fergusson aka Movement Monkey asked me to be a beta tester for his newest program TRT. It stands for Tension Release Technique. The overview of the program is to get you to reconnect your breathe with your movement. Which is a lot easier said then done.

By reconnecting our breath to our movement this helps release extra tension stored in our bodies we may not even know we are carrying. The program first focuses on teaching you how to reclaim your breath back by first lying on the ground.


The ground is so uncomfortable


Breathing on the ground takes away the effects of gravity, which are helpful to release tension in our body. Once breathing on the ground comfortably is established, next it covers the importance of standing and how to stand without creating extra tension.


The standing meditations are the most challenging parts of the program.


The programs also has some great exercises to get the spine to move freely and supple, as well as teach you how to connect your lower body to your upper body. This was one of the biggest hurdles I found in the program.


I feel coordinated with my upper body, but feel disconnected to my lower body.


The last phase is of TRT is walking. Walking should be a natural function that shouldn’t be painful and should feel coordinated. For some people they have lost the ability to walk without pain or coordination. Benny breaks it down so you get the chance to feel what how nourishing walking is for you.
Check out the video below as you get to see how TRT helped me connect my breath to my movement and gain a stronger connection to my body.



To learn more about TRT and how it can help you release underlying tension, improve your posture and help you reconnect to your body,  click on the link for more information about the program.


If you have been dealing with some of the examples I shared with you I highly recommend you take a deeper look at your breathing in relationship to your movements. The solution is just one breath away.

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