Benefits of Sleeping Outside

Benefits of Sleeping Outside

I recently got back from spending a week sleeping in a tent at the Oregon Eclipse gathering. The only time I was in my tent was to sleep or change clothes. The entire time was spent outside exploring nature , and available to the next experience or moment.


After spending sometime in comfy beds, sleeping inside. I have been drawn to sleep outside again. There is something about a sleeping bag and a backpacking cushion. Its so freeing to just put it down and then go to sleep.  Last night I slept under the full moon, the moon was so bright I kept thinking it was a neighbor’s light. I really enjoyed the whole ritual of it. Laying your sleeping bag down, unzipping the bag. Then being allowing myself to be fully present and awake for each new sound. Sleeping outside, offers the chance to hear, birds, fog horn, insects, our dog.



Instead of waking up to an alarm clock I woke up to the birds chirping and singing.



Another big benefit is you wake up and you are already outside. Feeling the sun kiss your skin as you wake up. I wake up spry, and ready to start the day. Besides if I need more rest I can always take an afternoon nap.


Sleeping outside was the thing to do


I remember sleeping outside at our cabin when we were younger. We had an actual bed that we used just for that reason.  Sleeping outside because it was the thing to do. I also remember staying at my friends house sleeping in their backyard.


I am not sure why I stopped sleeping outside? I am now realizing how much I enjoyed it. It’s a free experience and will only benefit me in multiple ways.


  1. Wake up earlier, and with gradual light from the sun.
  2. Connect with the natural circadian rhythms of the day.
  3. Breathe fresh air
  4. Teach my body to release tension and to become soft, on a hard surface.


Since I am traveling , my plan is to do more sleeping outside, if the environment allows it.


I have been trying to slow down and be present for each moment of the day. Like Dan Millman, says, “There are no ordinary moments. ” Each moment is special, the problem is we are too distracted to fully enjoy it. I am going to explore sleeping outside as one of the ways I can feel more connected grounded and present.

Who else wants to join me in sleeping outside?.

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