Top Three Water Enhancements You Need to Know About!

Top Three Water Enhancements You Need to Know About!

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water. Certain symptoms start to show up when people do not drink enough water. Bad breath, constipation, dry skin, muscle fatigue, and headaches are a few examples of what dehydration can do to your body. Living in certain climates also affects the amount of water you need to be drinking. Currently, I am living in a very humid climate in Mexico. Just going outside to wait for the bus for 5 minutes means you are dripping in sweat. Since I am sweating so much am always looking for ways to stay hydrated, and replace any minerals I may be losing.



My number 1 Enhancement





Luckily coconut trees are abundant out here, they are loaded with lots of minerals that are great for dehydration. The benefits of coconut water are very highly researched. Some people use the phrase Coconut water is “Natures Gatorade.” When I am not drinking coconut water, I like to add some drops of this electrolyte solution. It gives me all the essential minerals I need or may lose while sweating. What is great about this product is it doesn’t have any taste or leave a residue on your hands like some of the other solutions I have tried.



My number 2 Enhancement




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I used to have a lemon tree at my previous house. I was so spoiled to have an abundance of Meyer Lemons right outside my backdoor. I used to always grab lemons and add them to my water first thing in the morning. Adding fresh lemon juice to your water has many benefits. For one, it prepares your stomach for digestion of the foods you are going to eat. It also helps make your body more alkaline and is super refreshing. Currently, Lemons are harder to come by down here in Mexico, but when I can get my hands on the lemons I will add them to my water.



My number 3 Enhancement



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I am a big believer in green juices and powders. One of the products I really like that my friend, Jared, introduced me to; is liquid chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps build up the red blood cells in the body so they can carry more oxygen to the cells. Living in an anaerobic environment (lack of oxygen) is damaging to your health and may contribute to certain diseases. This product helps my recovery by keeping my blood full of nutrient-rich oxygen. Plus it has a nice minty flavor so it’s actually quite enjoyable.



How I rehydrate upon waking up.


As part of my morning routine, I typically will put chlorophyll, and the electrolytes in my water immediately upon waking up. Next, I drink a cup of water with some lemon. This gives me a kick-start to get my hydration back in order after 8 hours of sleeping. I really like the way I feel from enhancing my water. Throughout the day, I will also add some more electrolyte drops to my water bottle to sip on during the day. This is just part of my routine, Be sure to stay tuned for another post about my morning routine.

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    Great post! I haven’t used chlorophyll but have heard good things about it- I’ll order some and give it a try. Always looking for something to boost my h2o intake.

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