Top 3 reasons why you need Moringa in your life

Moringa has been called the “Miracle Tree” or “nebedaye,” which means “never die” in African languages. Moringa has a deep history starting in India back in 2000 BC as a medicinal herb. It first originated in India, and slowly became more prevalent in the countries of China, Egypt, Europe, and finally making its way west to America. In fact, the ancient Egyptians cherished Moringa oil, using it as protection for their skin from the intense desert heat. Years later, the Greeks found out about the many health benefits for Moringa and introduced it to the Romans.

I have been doing lots of reading and researching about Moringa recently. With all the nutritional benefits it’s a shame you don’t see more Moringa trees. Typically Moringa is found in tropical climates. However, don’t let that stop you it’s actually quite easy to grow and survives in the harshest of climates. The main source of nutrition is found within the leaves, but you can also eat the seeds and flowers as well. Another bonus of the seeds is that you can actually purify water with the seeds. How amazing is that?? It’s no wonder it’s called the “Miracle tree.”


Before we arrived in Mexico we never heard about this “miracle tree.” One day we were at the market and Amanda saw Moringa on the shelf and it peaked her interest. We asked the clerk about it and the lady told her all about the amazing nutritional properties of Moringa.


1- Moringa is loaded with nutrition


If you haven’t heard of Moringa, I recommend you check it out. Here are just a few of the benefits: The leaves of Moringa are loaded with over 90 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. To give you an example: In 100g of dry Moringa leaf, it contains the following: 10 times the amount of Vitamin A of carrots, 15 times the potassium of bananas, 17 times the calcium of a cup of milk, as well as 25 times the iron in spinach. It can even replace some of your protein powders as it contains 5 times more protein than a cup of yogurt. Moringa Oil also contains Vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex, as well as other minerals –these vitamins help improve skin health and appearance.


2- Its rich in Anti-Oxidants


Antioxidants are something that we need to keep our immune systems strong. Moringa leaves are rich in antioxidants, and vitamin C. These antioxidants help protect our cells from free radicals and potentially damaging oxidative stress.


3- It may lower the chance of Chronic Diseases


This may sound to good to be true, but there have been numerous studies about health benefits of Moringa. The results of the studies dictated it may have an effect in lowering the following: Blood Sugar levels, Inflammation, and cholesterol which are all pre-cursors for heart disease and other Chronic diseases.


Are you ready to give this “miracle tree” a try? The simplest way is to just buy some powdered Moringa online and add it to any smoothie. This is my favorite Moringa smoothie recipe. Or if you can find Moringa that grows locally, simply gather some leaves from a tree for cooking. One of our favorite things to do is add it to any stir-fry, or make tea with it. We have even explored making Pesto from Moringa leaves. Talk about a nutritional tasty snack.


I am very fortunate to be living in Mexico and having access to a Moringa tree on my morning walk. If you haven’t tried Moringa before do yourself a favor and give it a shot. You are going to love the way it makes you feel and how versatile of a plant it truly is.

  • Love the sound of this! I’ll have to have a look into this product! I like the sound of adding it to a smoothie!

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  • Thanks for sharing the love with my Moringa Smoothie Recipe! Moringa is such an amazing healing herb- everyone needs to know about it! Keep spreading the word <3

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  • Awesome! I’m glad you’re loving Moringa. 🙂

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